BON Loyalty FAQ
Set up referral program
You can set up rules for both the referrer and the referred friend at the same time in the Earn points tab > Referrals group > Referral program action. With the help of BON, you have 2 options to reward your customers here which are point rewarding and coupon rewarding.
If you choose to reward them with points, we would recommend you to choose increment of points type instead of fixed amount of points style, in which the amount of points the referrers get will depend on the value of the referred friends' orders. For example, if the referred friend purchases a $50 order, the referrer will get 10% of that value which is 5 points.
When you choose an option to reward them with discount coupon, you will see there is an option for you to choose if you want to set up a minimum purchase value of the referred friend, in which both parties can only get rewards if the value reaches a specific number.
Last modified 1mo ago
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