Set up referral program
You can set up rules for both the referrer and the referred friend at the same time in the Earn points tab > Referrals group > Referral program action. There are 2 kinds of rewards: points and coupon.

1. Reward customers with points

There are 2 points-rewarding types: Fixed amount of points and Increments of points.
Fixed amount of points: Customers will be given a specific amount of points after a successful referral. For example, if you set up the referrer to receive 10 points, after the referral, that referrer's total points will increase by 10 points.
Increments of points: The amount of points that customers get depends on their current total points. For example, if the referrer's current total points are 100 points and you set up the reward for the referrer to be 10%, after a referral, the referrer will receive 10% of her current total points, which is 10 points, and the current total points will increase to 110 points.

2. Reward customers with discount coupon

There is an option to choose if you want to set up a minimum purchase value of the referred friend, in which both parties can only get rewards if the value reaches a specific number.
After setting up the referral program, please go to Widget text > Referral program tab to type the value you have set up, so that the text in your front-end can be shown correctly. Read the following FAQ for more information.