Customize your store branding

Let’s create an outstanding reward program that leaves a strong impression on your customers.

We have some advanced options for you to personalize the widget and match it with your store’s branding in the Appearance tab. You can freely customize both the widget and widget icon to make sure everything is matched perfectly.

For the theme: You can adjust the colors of background, buttons and texts, as well as choose to show or hide the default illustrations. Also, you can upload your own banner photo to match with your brand image or choose default templates we suggest there. Please note the size of the banner image should be 230×100 px and less than 500KB.

Remember to click Save after changing your store branding.

For the widget icon: Customers recognize the loyalty program by looking at the widget icon on your store. You can use our default settings or customize the placement, title and icon to make it more visually appealing.

During your customization process, please take a look at the preview widget for better visualization.

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