Remove BON code after uninstalling BON app

After you uninstall BON app, there will still be a code remaining in your store’s theme code. Kindly contact our support team via live chat or email at to get the code removed (please note that you will have to permit us to have access to your store’s themes). On the other hand, you can also manually remove the code yourself, by following our suggested steps below.

In your Shopify store admin, kindly refer to Online store, then click Theme then go to Edit Code.

In the Edit code tab, search for the term “BON” in theme.liquid folder, you can see the following code line. Delete the code line to completely remove BON code from your store:

{% render ‘bon-loyalty’ %}<script defer src=’’></script>

Note: Storename changes according to your store name.

To completely remove the BON code, please delete the bon-loyalty.liquid folder.

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