Set up referral program

Set up referral program

You can set up rules for both the referrer and the referred friend at the same time in the Point programs tab > Referral program is the third sub tab in the dropdown. In order to make your referral program visible to customers and allow them to refer your store, please note that the referral status must be enabled.

1. Reward customers with points

There are 2 points-rewarding types: Fixed amount of points and Increments of points.

Fixed amount of points: Customers will be given a specific amount of points after a successful referral. For example, if you set up the referrer to receive 10 points, after the referral, that referrer’s total points will increase by 10 points.

Increments of points: The amount of points that customers get depends on their current total points. For example, if the referrer’s current total points are 100 points and you set up the reward for the referrer to be 10%, after a referral, the referrer will receive 10% of her current total points, which is 10 points, and the current total points will increase to 110 points.

2. Reward customers with discount coupon

Another way to reward both referrers and referred friend is offering them Discount coupon.

You can also choose to reward your customers if they reach a minimum purchase value. For example, if the referrers get a discount coupon and the minimum purchase value is $100, the discount coupon can be applied to their order from $100 in the future.

After setting up the referral program, please go to Widget text > Referral program tab to type the value you have set up, so that the text in your front-end can be shown correctly. Read the following FAQ for more information.

3. Social sharing for referrers

There’s an option for you to allow your customers to share your referral links on their social media.

Click the See more button next to Customize social sharing options for referrers to view and edit the social sharing rules.

Tick the checkbox in front of each rule to enable it and edit the content to choose the social media you want to customers share your store to.

Note: Facebook does not let a third-party app interfere with their content so you will not be able to prepare the message for Facebook sharing, customers will do it themselves.

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