How to set up Redeem points

How to set up 'Redeem points' rules

Providing attractive rewards in your loyalty program can encourage your customers to spend more to earn more.

To set new rules for customers to redeem points, please follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Point programs > Redeem points tab

  • Click Add more button and choose the specific type of ways you want to set up. There are 6 types to choose: amount discount, percentage discount, free product, free shipping coupon, POS amount discount and POS percentage off. You can set up the value for each type based on your calculation.

Note: You can always enable/disable the rules by switching the on/off button.

In the rule settings, you can:

Note: Sections may differ based on the types of redemption rule. Once you are done with the editing, click Save.

How to update or delete an existing redemption rule #

To edit an existing rule:

  • Click 3 dots icon on the top right corner of the rule box

  • Choose Edit button

  • Manage them the way you prefer

To delete an existing rule:

  • Click 3 dots icon on the top right corner of the rule box

  • Choose Delete button

Difference between ‘Fixed amount of points’ &‘Increments of points’ in Amount discount #

There’re 2 style of amount discount redemption rules:

Fixed amount of points: The amount discount of each rule is fixed. Your customers can only choose from configured discount code.

Increment of points: The amount discount of coupon code is variable. Your customers can choose the value of discount code and redeem it by an equivalent amount of points. They could choose it using the range slider on the widget.

Here is an example of the rule with 50 points = 1$

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