How to avoid unsuccessful referrals

How to avoid unsuccessful referrals
When customers refer your store URL, there can be some cases preventing them from successful referrals

1. Password protected #

The case happens in the following steps:
  • A (The referrer) copies the referral link with the referral code (Example:
  • A sends the link to B (The referred friend)
  • B pastes the link
  • If your store is password protected, B goes to the password-protected page and has to enter the password
  • After entering the password, the referral code changes to the store default URL link (Example:
  • B creates an account
  • B purchases an item
  • The order is fulfilled in Shopify Admin
In this case, both A and B will not receive rewards as the system does not consider it to be a referral.
There are 2 solutions:
  • Solution 1: Turn off your store password From your Shopify Admin, go to Online Store tab > Preferences > Password protection section. Then, untick the checkbox “Enable password”.
disable password
  • Solution 2: After entering the password, the referral code changes to the store default URL link. Then, B must browse the referral link again, creating an account and purchasing an item. When the order is fulfilled in Shopify Admin, A and B will receive rewards.

2. The referrer’s account must be created before the referred friend’s account #

  • Two customers: A and B have accounts in your store.
  • B’s account was created after A’s account
  • Then, B cannot refer to A

3. The referrer or the referred friend’s account was excluded from the loyalty program #

In this case, in BON Admin, go to Customer > Customer data tab > click the Include button next to customer name to include them into your loyalty program

4. The referred friend does not complete all necessary steps #

In order for the referral process to be considered a success, the referral friend must complete all the steps below:
  • Access your store via the referrer’s referral link
  • Sign up for your loyalty program
  • Place at least one order in your store
If the referred friend hasn’t finished all these steps, the system will count the referral status as “Not yet” (you can be able to check for this status in the referral report in Dashboard tab)

5. You haven't fulfilled the referred friend's order #

Please don’t forget to fulfill the referred friend’s order as it’s the final step for a referral activity to be completed.