Set up Tier list

Tier list introduction #

In the tier list section, you will be able to add new tiers, customize the current tiers, and view summary settings of each tier. Make sure you have configured tier setting before setting up tier list.

How to add a new tier #

Tier list has already had an Entry tier by default. New customers joining the program will be automatically placed in Entry tier. You can customize the Tier title, Icon, Entry rewards, and Custom rewards. However, we DON’T recommend you to set Entry rewards or Custom rewards for the Entry tier.

To add a new tier, there are 9 steps for you to follow:

Step 1: Click on the Add Tier button on the top right corner of Tier list section.

Step 2: Set a title for the tier. This will be visible to your customers on your store front-end’s widget.

Step 3: Choose an icon based on the default icon list or upload your own icon.

Step 4: Fill in the Entry requirement your customers need to reach in order to achieve the tier. For the first tier, the value must be zero for customers to join your VIP program.

Step 5: Set up Entry rewards, which will be unlocked once your customers enter this tier.

  1. Choose one from 4 types of Entry rewards including:

    • Amount discount

    • Percentage discount

    • Free shipping

    • Free product

  2. Customize the rewards information

  3. Once you are done with the customization, click Save

Note: You can add more than one Entry reward

Step 6: Set up Custom rewards, which are benefits your customers could receive once they enter the tier. Custom rewards could be “Pre-order new collections”, “Early access to sales”, etc.

To add Custom rewards:

  • Fill in the rewards you want to provide to your customers once they enter the tier

  • Click (+) button to add the reward

Note: Custom rewards are NOT managed in BON program. Please handle Custom rewards outside of the app.

Step 7: Set up Benefit for ‘Complete an order’ rule. This feature will multiply the number of points your customers earn for completing an order after reaching a tier.

For example: In the Entry Tier, based on the “Complete an order” rule you set up in Earn points tab, your customers may earn 100 points for purchase (this will be applied to all new members in the first tier). For a higher tier, you may set up the benefit as ‘Points earned multiply by 1.5 times’ for a tier. Once the customer achieves that tier, the points will be multiplied by 1.5 times, which is 150 points for each order completed.

Note: This feature is only visible when you enable ‘Complete an order’ rule in Earn points tab.

To set up Benefit for ‘Complete an order’ rule:

  • Turn on the switch button

  • Fill in the number to multiply points

Step 8: Click Save

Step 9: Check Summary of the tier In the Action column of Tier list section, click on the Summary icon of the tier to double-check your previous settings your previous settings

How to update or delete an existing tier #

To update an existing tier:

  • In the Action column of Tier list section, click on the edit icon of the Tier you want to change

  • Edit the Tier details

  • Click Save

To delete an existing tier:

  • In the Action column of Tier list section, click on the trash icon of the Tier you want to change

  • Click Delete

Note: You cannot delete the entry tier.

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