Attribute explanation

Attribute explanation

Attributes are very important because you will use them when customizing notification emails.

BON’s attributes are placeholder text so that you can understand them easily. Attributes can be changed according to your preferences.

Note: In the notification email template – you must add {{}} around the attributes to make them work (E.g. {{point_amount}})

{{point_amount}}: The amount of points the customer earned

{{point_name}}: The name of your points (e.g. BON points)

{{store_name}}: The name referring your store

{{first_name}}: First name of the email receipt

{{reward_program}}: The name of your loyalty program

{{earn_action}}: The action the customer completed to earn points (e.g. create an account, complete an order)

{{reward_name}}: The name of the reward the customer redeemed

{{referrer_first_name}}: First name of the referrer

{{referred_friend_first_name}}: First name of the referred friend

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