Overview dashboard explained

Overview dashboard explained

The overview dashboard shows the most important figures of your program’s performance.

1. Statistics explanation

From the Dashboard, you can see the all-time performance of your loyalty program, including 4 specifications.

Total members: The number of registered customers at your store.

Rewards redeemed: The number of times rewards have been used by customers, helps you understand how appealing your rewards are.

Revenue generated: The total revenue generated from the loyalty program you have set up, including:

  • The total value of purchases using BON reward codes

  • The total value of purchases when clicking Complete an order action in the loyalty widget

This specification helps you understand the total value that BON loyalty has generated for your business.

Revenue ratio: The percentage of revenue generated over the total income. That is calculated by the value of all fulfilled orders.

This specification helps you understand the percentage of revenue generated from BON Loyalty accounts for the total income of your business.

2. How to use the overview dashboard

Click on the icon of the four statistic specifications to see detailed report over time.

The referral report quickly show you the summary of your referral program performance, the information of customers who referred your store.

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