Set up a successful VIP Tiers program

Wonder how your reward program works from your customers’ perspective? We will give you the insight of your customers point of view in this FAQ.

To access Vip Tiers, please go to Points program tab > Vip Tiers is the last sub tab you can see.

How to set up a successful VIP Tiers program #

Here are 3 steps you should follow to ensure that your VIP program will proceed smoothly.

Step 1: Configure Tier settings#

This is where to set up how your VIP program works

  • Entry method: Choose whether the VIP program is based on Points earned or Money spent

  • Start date: When the VIP program is launched for your customers to use

  • Milestone: The expiration period of your customers’ tiers

Learn more about configuring tier settings

Step 2: Add Tiers in Tier list section#

Tier list section allows you to add and edit the VIP program. There are 6 parts you can customize for each tier:

  • Tier title: Customize a title for each tier

  • Icon: Choose an existing icon or upload your own icon

  • Entry requirement: Points value or total money spent required to enter the tier

  • Entry rewards: Choose BON rewards when customers enter the tier

  • Custom rewards: Customize special rewards when customers enter the tier, please note that these rewards will be handled outside of BON program

  • Benefit for “Complete an order” rule: Set up how the “Complete an order” rule specifically works for customers in each tier.

Learn more about setting up tier list

Step 3: Enable VIP Tier status#

After finishing all settings, you can enable VIP Tier status on the top of VIP Tiers tab. The VIP program will automatically run on the start date.

Step 4: Enable VIP Tiers email notification#

You could notify your customers when they get a tier by enabling ‘New tier unlocked’ email notification, for that:

  • Click on ‘Email’ on the Navigation bar

  • Click New tier unlocked tab and contact us so that we can help you unlock Email feature.

  • Customize the email

  • Click Save

Learn more about customer email notifications

How VIP Tiers is shown on the widget #

Customers can find VIP Tiers tab on the widget after signing in. In VIP Tiers tab, your customers can see which benefits they have on their current tier. They can also see benefits of next tiers and how they can upgrade their tier.

Here is customer view of VIP Tiers:

Note : Progress bar will show the number of points earned from the start date, NOT the current total points.

What happens when you change VIP status? #

1. Enable VIP Tier status

Enabling VIP Tier status will activate the whole VIP program. If the start date is a future date, the VIP will NOT run until the start date you have set. Make sure you have finished setting up other sections of VIP Tier before enabling the status.

2. Disable VIP Tier status

Disabling VIP Tier will deactivate the whole VIP program immediately. Customer activities during this time will not be counted to calculate customers’ tiers.

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