Using POS to reward customers in store

Using POS to reward customers in-store

You can reward your customers who place an order in-store using Shopify POS. There are 2 types of POS rewards: Amount discount and Percentage off.

How to add a POS reward #

To set new rules for customers to redeem points when they make a purchase in-store, please follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Redeem points tab

  • Click Add more button and choose from 2 POS reward types: POS Amount discount & POS Percentage off

  • Fill in all required fields

  • Click Save

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Redeem rewards in-store with Shopify POS #

After adding some POS redemption rules in app admin, you have to add BON Loyalty into your Shopify POS.

In Home tab, click on Add tile > Select App and choose BON Loyalty

Select App

In POS app extensions section, add BON Loyalty app to your POS smart grid

BON Loyalty tile will appear in your POS home tab

Now you can redeem customers’ points for rewards by following the steps below:

Step 1: Add a Customer to cart

Step 2: Add products to cart

Step 3: Click on BON Loyalty tile to redeem the reward

Note: The tile is only clickable when the customer has enough points to redeem rewards.

Choose the reward you want to redeem

Step 4: Check out

After completing the offline purchases with POS, your customer could earn points following the settings in ‘Complete an order’ rule in Earn points tab

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