How to test the referral program

How to test the referral program

Here’s how you can test your referral program on your store to make sure it works properly

Step 1: Sign in/Register into an account.

Step 2: In the Referral program tab, click Refer a friend now.

Step 3: The system will generate a distinguished referral URL link. Copy the URL link.

Step 4: Open a new browser tab (Incognito mode) by clicking Ctrl + Shift + N in Windows, or Command + Shift + N in Macbook.

Step 5: Paste the referral URL link and press Enter.

Step 6: If your store is password-protected, enter the password and paste the referral URL link again. This is because after entering the password, the URL will change back to your store's default URL link (Example:

Step 7: Register a new account.

Step 8: After registering a new account successfully, the reward should be given to the referrer and the referred friend. If you choose the reward to be Points, go to My balance tab and you will see the points given because of the referral action. If you choose the reward to be Coupon, the coupon should be in the My reward tab.

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