Understand your customers' actions
Wonder how your reward program works from your customers' perspective? We will give you the insight of your customers point of view in this FAQ.

1. How your customers earn points

When customers visit your store for the first time, they will see the reward program icon show up at the bottom left/right corner of their screens. When they click that button, the widget will appear that has an option for them to sign up or log in as members of your loyalty program.
The Earn points in the widget will show all point-earning rules you set up from your end, and there will be a button next to each rule to lead your customers to do the exact actions you want them to. For example, for the action Complete an order, we will put the button Purchase there. When customers click that button, they will be directed to the corresponding page to complete the action and earn points.

2. How your customers redeem points

When customers accumulate a certain amount of points, they can redeem their points by checking the available ways to redeem points in the Redeem points tab. After they successfully exchange points for some specific coupons, they will be able to see and manage the rewards they have in the My rewards tab and directly use them there by clicking the Use it now button.

3. How your customers use referral program

Each member of your loyalty program will have a specific referral link. When your customers sign up/log in to the reward program, they can check for the referral link in the Referral program tab for them to use to refer your store to their families and friends. Our system can distinguish those links and give your customers rewards when their fams and friends register accounts on your store.
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4. How customers can see their points

After your customers sign in, they will be able to see the point total they have in the My balance tab, as well as all activities they do when they interact with your store that accumulate points. If you manually adjust points for them in the Customers tab in your end, that action will also be recorded there.
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