How the point expiration feature works
You could encourage your customers to purchase more by adding expiration to your customers’ points. You can set how long the points exist. The expiration period will be activated from the last point activity of your customer. Customers have to engage with points activity (earning & redeeming) to extend the expiry date. After the expiry date, the points will automatically be reset to zero.
Let's say you set the point expiration time as 1 month. Customer A has 500 points. During 1 month, if A does not interact with your store (by earning or redeeming his points), he will lose all 500 points after a 30-day basis. On the other hand, if A does any activity that affects his total points during that period, the expiry date will be extended by 1 month.

To set an expiration for your customers’ points:

  • From the BON Admin page, go to Settings > Scroll down to see Points expiration option
  • On the right side of Point expiration box, you'll find the switch to enable the feature
  • Edit the time of expiration. You can set the expiration time to a minimum of 1 month.
  • Remember to click the Save button to keep the changes
Last modified 1mo ago