How to set up free product reward
Rewarding your customers by giving them free products helps to boost sales of some specific products on your store. This action is effective with new arrival products which need customers' recognition.
To manage this action, please go to Redeem points tab > Click Add more button > Choose Free product option. A window will show up for you to set up this rule, in which you can give this action a specific name, choose the specific product you want to give out as a free gift for your customers, the points your customers have to spend in exchange to have this coupon and the maximum pricing value for that product.
Once you are done with the setup, click Save.
When your customers login to the reward program, they will see this action appear at the Redeem points tab inside the widget. If they want to redeem this reward, they can click the Redeem button next to it. Our system will give them the specific codes to enter when they checkout to have one specific product for free.
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