Differences between Incremental and Fixed rewards
When you refer to the Earn points tab > Referral program, you will see the option to set a fixed amount or increments of points.
For fixed rewards, the number of points your customers will get is a permanent value. For example, if you set up the referrer to receive 10 points, after the referral, that referrer's total points will increase by 10 points.
Unlike fixed rewards, incremental rewards are more flexible. For these types of rewards, the amount of rewarding points customers can get will be proportional to their current total points. The more total points they have, the bigger the rewarding point they receive after successful referrals . For example, if you set up the reward for the referrer to be 10% of her current total points, after a referral, the referrer will receive 10% of her current total points, which is 10 points, and the current total points will increase to 110 points.
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