Customer email overview
Automated emails help encourage customers to engage in your loyalty program by reminding them of the rewards they earn and their activities as loyal members of the program.
From the Dashboard, go to Email.
There are 8 kinds of notification emails:
  • Welcome
  • Earn points
  • Redeem points
  • Happy birthday
  • Referrals - for referrer
  • Referrals - for referred friend
  • Point expiry notice
  • Point expiry reminder
Enable and click on the notification email you want to customize.
Note: You need to fill in all sections in the Settings tab to use Notification emails effectively.
We have already put the default template there for you. You can change the template by clicking the 4 sections down below:
  • Logo: Upload your logo image. It should be 60x60px and less than 50KB.
  • Banner image: Upload your banner image. It should be 350x100px and less than 500KB.
  • Button color: Change the color of the button to match your brand color.
  • Email content: Change the email content according to your preferences.
After that, click Save.
If you want to reset the notification email to the default template, click Reset.

Notification emails explained

Welcome: Sending an email to welcome new customers for becoming a member of your program, notifying the reward for creating an account and suggesting customers do more earning-point actions.
Attributes required: {{point_amount}} - {{point_name}} - {{store_name}} - {{first_name}} {{reward_program}}
Earn points: An email sent when customers earn points for completing an earning action.
Attributes required: {{point_amount}} - {{point_name}} - {{first_name}} - {{earn_action}}
Redeem points: An email sent when customers use their points to unlock a reward.
Attributes required: {{first_name}} - {{reward_name}}
Happy birthday: An email sent to customers on their birthdays to congratulate them and notify the birthday gift points given in their accounts.
Attributes required: {{first_name}} - {{point_amount}} - {{point_name}}
Referrals - for referrer: An email sent to a customer when their friend has accepted the referral link.
Attributes required: {{referred_friend_first_name}} - {{first_name}}
Referrals - for referred friend: An email sent to notify that the customer has accepted a referral from a friend.
Attributes required: {{store_name}} - {{first_name}} - {{referrer_first_name}}
Point expiry notice: An email sent to notify customers that their points will be expiring soon due to inactivity. You can choose how many days prior to points expiration your members will receive a notification.
Attributes required: {{point_amount}} - {{point_name}}
Point expiry reminder: An email sent as a final reminder to customers that their points are about to expire. You can choose how many days prior to points expiration your members will receive a notification.
Attributes required: {{point_amount}} - {{point_name}}
Related FAQ: Attribute explanation
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