Import customer data via CSV file
Manually adjust customer points and transfer from one platform to BON with a CSV file
Note: Import customer data via CSV file is NOT reversible. Once you have imported data, the made changes will be permanent.
From Dashboard, go to Customer > Import data. Select the source of your data: CSV file.
Step 1: Download BON template.
You can download BON CSV template from here or BON admin. To download the template from BON admin, go to Customer tab > click CSV template.
Step 2: Fill in BON template.
  • Download the export data from your previous loyalty platform
  • Fill in the data according to the instructions down below
Column Title
The email address of your customers
The points added to the current points balance of your customers
At first, Dean had 100 points. In the importing data file, the merchant gives Dean 200 points. Totally, Dean has 300 points.
Note: DO NOT rename or remove any column titles.
Step 3: Save the file in your computer.
Step 4: Upload the file in the empty box down below.
Step 5: Save changes.
Now your customer data has been imported to BON loyalty via CSV file!
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